Extended Longevity Living Longer, Living Better

Jun 1, 2020 | Insights

The biggest story of the 21st century: Human tide
Extended longevity is one of the most powerful demographic trends shaping our future. Due to a combination of falling fertility and mortality rates and the tremendous progress achieved in
medical science, the extension in human life expectancy is slowly but surely altering the demographic portrait of virtually every country in the world. Although the onset and pace of this demographic transition may vary among countries and regions due to specific local conditions, the fact is that the total human population and the share of older people in our midst are steadily increasing. Our lifespan is not only longer, but our healthspan is also better than for adults of previous generations. In other words, we are living longer and better. Such a remarkable social phenomenon will undoubtedly encourage more people to participate more actively in the world economy and to make greater contributions to their local communities and society at large. It is therefore important to seize the opportunities related to the longevity dividend brought forth by the rise of the human tide. This could be one of the biggest stories of the 21st century.

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